Your heart project needs an art mentor!

erfrischende ArtHi there. Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Maria and I’m an Art Mentor (or: Artist Mentor).
That means that I show you the potential of art and creativity.

I work as an interface between art and business.

I’m a performance artist myself with more than 10 years of experience in everything around culture. I’ve learned how the market works and how you can become a successfull, selfemployed artist.

Currently I work and live in Germany, but I’m also addicted to exploring the world and touring around in our custom selfbuild van.

As an artist mentor I work with artists, creatives, as well as entrepreneurs and start-ups. I work with people, who want to benefit from the potential of art. To be an art mentor means to break the paradigm, to be open minded and to embrace co-creation and synergies.

Art is transformation!

I can show you, how you can transform yourself and your business by using techniques that the most creative and artistic minds in history such as Picasso, Beethoven or Gaudí have used to create milestones of art. I can show you, how to think like those artists by using a method called “art thinking”.

Art thinking is a method, which can be described as a creative process of gaining new ideas and solutions for complex problems. Everybody knows moments, where you feel stuck. Most of the times this is because your mind is repeating the same things over and over again. You are literally running in circles.

Art thinking can help you find a way out of this hamster wheel. I can show you how to deal with uncertainty and unpredictability. I’m an expert for new perspectives, a fresh view and alternative ideas. I love to think outside the box!

Let’s see the world through the eyes of an artist!

I want to invite you to see the world with the eyes of an artist. This helps you to find creative solutions for upcoming problems, build a sustainable businessmodel and get ahead of conventions, that keep you from growing.

Please do the things you love! The world needs people with new ideas and the will to make a change. Be curios and be brave, it’s worth it!

👉 Some things that I’m good at: 👈

  • art thinking
  • design thinking
  • creative leadership
  • honesty / directness / clarity
  • empathy
  • critical thinking / rationality / logic
  • interdisciplinarity / synergies
  • change of perspective
  • questions
  • agile methods

🛠 In short, my services: 🛠

  • Artist Mentoring / Sparringpartner for artists
  • Mentoring for creatives, solo-/entrepreneurs
  • Business Mentoring for corporations
  • Artista Talk and Speaking (topic: Art Thinking, being an artist)

I work remote via Zoom or Phone Calls. I speak German, English, Italian, Spain and French on a workable level. 😉

Feel free to send me a message, questions or whatever you like to know.
I would love to hear from you!



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